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Female Orgasm

23 May

Orgasm is a transient peak sensation of intense pleasure that is accompanied by a number of physiological body changes. In men, orgasm is normally accompanied by ejaculation, which makes the event easily identifiable. In women, however, the achievement of orgasm appears to be less facile than for males and recogniz- ing that it [...]

What is a Sexual Dysfunction?

23 May

What  is a Sexual Dysfunction?
The experimental evidence and theoretical notions presented earlier strongly suggest that for women, sexual dysfunction is not about genital response. The women  in  our  study  who  were  diagnosed  with  FSAD  according  to  strict DSM-IV criteria (42) turned out not to be sexually dysfunctional according to these same criteria because their genital [...]

Sexual Feelings

23 May

Sexual Feelings
Emotions are not determined by distinctive stimuli, but by the meaning the stimu- lus has aquired over time. Recently, Damasio (80) introduced in this context the term “emotionally competent stimulus,” referring to the object or event whose presence, actual or in mental recall, triggers emotion. While there are biologically relevant  stimuli  that  are  innately [...]

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

23 May

Ellen Laan and Walter  Everaerd

University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam,  The Netherlands

Stephanie  Both

Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands and University of Amsterdam,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The part on the history of women’s sexuality has previously been published in Everaerd W, Laan E, Both S, van der Velde J. Female Sexuality. In: Szuchman LT, Muscarella [...]

Sexual Aversion Disorder

23 May

Jeffrey W. Janata and Sheryl A. Kingsberg

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, University Hospitals of Cleveland,  Cleveland,  Ohio,  USA

Crenshaw (1) has been credited for first describing the sexual aversion syndrome. Her description, published in 1985, remains one of two comprehensive manu- scripts describing this disorder, joined only by Kaplan’s 1987 book (2), Sexual [...]