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Solutions to Scenario 19-4, Part C-Verification and Questions

15 Mar

Solutions to Scenario 19-4, Part C—Verification and Questions
The answers to the questions for Scenario 19-4, Part C, are as follows:
1. Which command do you use to configure a totally stubby area?
The command used to create a totally stubby area is as follows:

2. What do the letters ASBR stand for, and what does this device do?
The [...]

Three-Part Scenarios

15 Mar

Three-Part Scenarios
This section contains three three-part scenarios that require planning, configuration, and verification. The solutions to these three-part scenarios are contained within each scenario.
Scenario 19-4
Part A of Scenario 19-4 begins with some planning guidelines that include planning IP addresses, designing the VLSM addressing scheme, identifying the OSPF areas, and determining what type of areas they [...]

Scenarios for Exam Preparation

15 Mar

Scenarios for Exam Preparation
Part VII: Scenarios
Chapter 19 Scenarios for Exam Preparation
Part VII covers the following Cisco BSCI exam topics:
■ Given specific requirements, choose the correct routing protocol to meet the requirements
■ Describe the concepts relating to route summarization and apply them to hypothetical scenarios
■ Given a set of network requirements, identify the steps to configure [...]

Configuring Route Maps for Redistribution

15 Mar

Configuring Route Maps for Redistribution
Although the filtering discussed in Chapter 17, “Implementing Redistribution and Controlling Routing Updates,” is perfectly adequate for simply denying or permitting routes from entering another routing process, route maps can do more. Their strength lies in their ability to change the route in some way. A common manipulation of the route [...]

Controlling Network Traffic with Route Maps and Policy-Based Routing

15 Mar

This chapter covers the following topics, which you need to understand to
pass the CCNP/CCDP/CCIP BSCI exam:
■ Understanding route maps
■ Understanding policy-based routing
■ The operation of route maps and policybased routing
■ Configuring route maps for policy-based routing
■ Configuring fast switching with policy-based routing
■ Configuring route maps for redistribution
■ Monitoring the configuration of route maps, policy-based routing, [...]