Duplicate Meta Descriptions

27 Jul

If a ample amount of pages accept identical or actual agnate meta descriptions, these pages may be filtered for low superior and afar from the index.

Duplicate Titles

Every page of your website should accept a different title. When a seek engine sees alike titles it will try to adjudicator the bigger page and annihilate the added from the index.

Duplicate Content

The agreeable from any page should alone abide on one URL.

1. If the aforementioned agreeable exists beneath assorted URLs, seek engines will adapt this as alike content.

2. Subsequently, the seek engines will try to accomplish a best assumption as to the best URL for your content.

3. If this action is accurate for a ample bulk of your pages, your website may be advised low superior and be filtered out of the seek results.

Header Codes

If your web server serves a page there is a appropriate cipher that tells the browser or spider the cachet of the book served.

1. A 200 acknowledgment cipher agency the page serves normally.

2. If not configured correctly, some web servers will serve a 200 cipher even if a book is missing.

3. This can actualize a botheration if seek engines basis a lot of bare abandoned pages.

4. A 404 is the acknowledgment cipher if a page or book doesn’t exist.

5. To advance usability, set up a custom 404 page with a bulletin answer what happened, a seek box, and links to accepted pages from your website.

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