26 Aug

ECommerce website enhancement and seek engine enhancement strategies are actual agnate to added types of websites. However, there are some accepted mistakes that anticipate eCommerce sites from accomplishing top seek engine rankings for their targeted seek terms. The focus of my next few blog posts will be on these accepted mistakes starting with the better one:

Search engines await on website agreeable to actuate what seek agreement a specific page of a website should rank for. The seek engines use “crawlers” to apprehend agreeable in assorted elements of Web pages, and again use an algorithm to rank the page based on that content. Problems action if the alone agreeable on the website is the all-encompassing artefact descriptions that accept been affected from altered accomplish sites.

ECommerce sites that abridgement altered agreeable could could cause a battle for the seek engines try to rank the pages of the website. The battle occurs as the seek engine crawlers ascertain several pages that are actual similar, with the alone aberration getting the blazon of articles displayed on the page. The images and abrupt all-encompassing descriptions artlessly don’t action abundant advice to advice the crawlers apperceive what the pages are about. In the end, the agnate pages of the website could could cause the website to never get top rankings for any accordant keywords.

The way to end the battle is to add altered agreeable to the pages of the website. If you accept a artefact class page with several sub-categories affiliated from it, a brace of paragraphs of agreeable will be the alone affair that will let the seek engines apperceive that page is altered from the sub-categories.

Don’t be abashed to advance the articles down to acquiesce amplitude for a brace hundred words of content. Pushing the articles down will accept little to no aftereffect on conversion. Without the content, the page will not be able to rank able-bodied and there will be no visitors to convert.

If you accept featured articles at the top of the page and don’t wish to advance them down, again breach up your content. Include a brace sentences at the top and abode the blow of the agreeable beneath the products.

It is actual simple to archetype artefact descriptions from architect websites and accomplished them on to the artefact pages of your site. However, if you yield the time to address your own artefact descriptions, the end aftereffect is able-bodied account it. Copying artefact descriptions is quick and easy, but the seek engines apperceive which website had the agreeable first. If your competitors address their own descriptions, and you archetype the manufacturer’s descriptions, you will never rank bigger than your competitors for the best converting keywords — the artefact specific keywords.

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