Help Stop the Violence

18 May

Help Stop the Violence You can play an important role in helping to stop domestic violence in your community. Domestic violence is not an issue just for women. Family violence is everyone’s concern. It’s essential for men to get involved. Men are vital to violence-prevention efforts because men are more likely to open up to other men if they have a problem, and they are more likely to listen to advice from men. In addition, fathers have enormous influence over their children’s developing attitudes and behavior.

There are many different ways, including the following, in which you can con- tribute to making your community a safe place to live:

•  Speak out against domestic violence. Take a leadership role in community organizations such as sports clubs, churches, and neighborhood associations, and take a stand against domestic violence.

•  Be a role model for other men. Reach out to men who are violent at home, and let them know that their behavior is not acceptable and that you want to help them break the pattern of abuse.

•  Be a role model for your son. Show kindness and respect to your partner and you will give your son an example of a healthy, nurturing relationship.

•  Be a role model for a child who lacks a positive male figure in his life. A male mentor and friend can provide consistent, positive support to help ensure that a child does not grow up to be a batterer.

•  Reach out to a family that is involved in violence. Talk to family members about what is happening, and offer to help them. Follow through on your offer.

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