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14 Apr

Home Online MoneyMaker – Finally, Four Ways to Increase Cash For Little Or No Capital – Explained
Make Money Online Now. Why not? In this economic climate there are people out of work, many of them, and many more people needing extra income, and, they are turning to the Internet to make money to pay their bills. Parents, single people more than ever are looking for ideas on how to make money while at home. In this article you will learn four successful tools to make you money on the Internet in a short time.

One proven popular and very successful way to make money online with little or no money is Affiliate Marketing. It is OK if you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, I didn’t when I first looked at the ways to make money OnLine. Affiliate Marketing is basically, individuals like yourself called Affiliate Marketers, advertising/marketing various companies and their product. And for each sale pay you a commission. And there is a lot of money to be made.

Its true there is no shortage of opportunity for making money online. And there are plenty of schemes to teach you how to do it. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous Internet marketers, that hook people desperate to make money online. These schemes are vague and misleading and make money for no one but themselves.

Here are three criteria that a program must have to be worthy of your time. 1.The program must have a track record that is up to date and is displayed for all to see. 2. The program must have a 100% money back guarantee. Any program that does not, stay away from. 3. The owner or program guru must give you a bio on him or herself. If the company is as good as they say, then company officers will gladly stand by there product. So use common sense, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Making money on line is not as simple as selling Sham-Wows at the swap meet. Though that sounds like a good idea! Nor is making money online difficult! Anyone can do it.

How do I get started?

As an Affiliate/Marketer, you want to drive traffic/customers to the product you are an Affiliate for and have the customer buy the product. There are many ways this can be accomplished. Some ways are very expensive and others cost little or no money and are very effective. This article will show you four inexpensive or free Affiliate Marketing tools.

If you are just starting here are Four basic money makers. Each tool is relatively simple in concept, though I have found that you need patience with yourself getting the steps accomplished the first few times. I say this because even when directions sound easy there is nothing like being familiar with what your doing. If you work at each or any one of these tools regularly, you get the knack, then finish each task faster, with more confidence and you start seeing money in your account.

Begin by finding a product to sell. Those can be found on the many Affiliate Product Retailer Web Sites. Like Roi Rocket.com, ClickBank.com and others. They have tens of thousands of products to choose from. ClickBank is the Internet’s leading retailer of digital/e-products which are popular and are a quicker transaction. And, many of their products have recurring payouts, month after month! Starting out, these are the products you want to sell.

These Affiliate Program Retailers, like ClickBank, connect the Company wanting to sell a product and you the affiliate, and they pay you weekly, on time, every time. Sound good?

So, you sign up with one or many Affiliate Product Retailers. They are free to sign up. After you have found a product you create a hop-link. A hop-link is a tag on the end of a products URL that gives you credit for the sale. ClickBank and others make that easy to do.

You can find a product first, then use a Affiliate Marketing tool to promote the product, or some say pick your niche first, then find a product, because a product within your niche will be easier-for-you to write about. You choose what best suits you.

The first free Affiliate Marketing promotion tool is using Twitter. Twitter is a blog that allows you only 140 characters for each entry, displayed real time. Basically, you open a twitter account, introduce your self, and after a few posts, establishing who you are and what your about, “a person who has knowledge to share on subjects relating to a product “, then you can start referring people to a product.

On twitter since you have very little space, you may have to shorten your web site link to give you longer wordage called content. Go to bit.ly, a web site that shortens URL code for you for free. You cut and paste your new URL to your twitter at the end of your posting. Then after a while with some finesse watch the money come in.

The second free Affiliate Marketing tool is using Groups on line. Groups are mini social net works where members chat and post their thoughts on a similar subject. You first have to join the group, they are usually for free. Then you introduce your self and let the group get to know you before you suggest trying a product. This is important. You don’t want to charge in and try to sell your product, or spam the group. That does not work. Be tactful. To be affective you should belong to many Groups.

The third Affiliate Marketing tool on this list is “Off Line Affiliate Marketing.” That’s right, I said it, Off Line marketing. It is simple and effective. It is the least technical Affiliate tool. The only technical part is purchasing a Domain Name for four dollars on godaddy.com, and attaching your Hop Link to Domain forwarding. Which means, you buy a Domain Name. An option you have when you buy it is to use the Domain Name address to redirect it to another address. That new address is the one belonging to the product you are affiliating for.

Then this is what you do. Find a cheap printer, like vistaprint.com to print cards and fliers with a catchy sentence or two and your Domain Name. Then distribute them. Examples are notices on public bulletin boards, store windows, business cards left in small piles for passersby in Coffee shops, laundromats, driver side car windows. Use your imagination. A very small investment, and successful. An example of a catchy phrase used for a money making product, ” Want to make $100 dollars a day with little effort?” And put your Domain Name under that. Simple right!

The fourth Affiliate Marketing tool on the list is writing articles. You literally write an article to inform people. This is not a sales pitch. You don’t sell your product in the article. The article is informative. People read articles to learn something. A good informative article is between 500-1200 words long, with short paragraphs 2-4 sentences.

The advantage of writing an article is at the end. At the end of your article, in the “resource box”, you are allowed to put your sales pitch, recommendation, your links, and your Biographical line. Then submit your articles for free to a Article Distributor like e-zine.com that sends your article to up to a thousand e-zine editors world wide, and if they like your article they put it in their e-Magazine, and that is some great exposure. Very powerful.

You must have your Web Site used as a Landing Page. Your chosen Affiliate Marketing tool Ad has a link to your Landing Page. On your Web Site “Landing Page”, is where the customer finds your Affiliate Link, customer clicks it, and is directed to the Affiliate product WebSite. That’s it. Search engines like Google and Yahoo require this Protocol. If you don’t have your own Web Site already, don’t sweat it. GoogleSites will help you make one for free.

These four tools are simple to use, though you need to build your craftsmanship abilities of each tool to see money come in. Affiliate money making programs that teach or coach you can help you develop a powerful skill set. You may want to join one just for one, two or more months and take advantage of their experience and resources. Duplicate their winning step by step methods, while, avoiding mistakes and frustration. And, Make Money faster.

The state of the economy has many people needing to make money out side their normal work, and making money OnLine is appealing. This new opportunity for making money just might be the best thing that has happened to you, and for you. You never know, you may make more money this year than you ever will with your current job. Use the tools detailed in this article, they will make you money!

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