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According to the Koran, the angel who brought adumbration to the Prophet is accepted by the name of Jibrail (2:98). The Arabic anatomy of jibril, which is composed of jibr, acceptation abd or servant, and il, acceptation God. The chat jibrail occurs three times in the Koran (2:97-98, 66:4). Jibrail is aswell mentioned as Ruh al-Amin (26:193-4), agency the all-powerful soul, and aswell Ruh al-Qudus (16:102), agency the angelic spirit. In hadith, Jibrail is announced of as al-Namus al-Akbar (the abundant angel). The non-Koranic chat namus is the Greek chat nomos agency law, the exact agnate of the Hebrew is tora. Jibrail is aswell alleged rasul (apostle) through whom God speaks to His prophets (42:51).

In Koran, in two altered places (53:1-8 and 81:15-25) advertence is fabricated to the actualization of the “mighty being” who transmitted to the Prophet the all-powerful messages. In the above the All-powerful agent is declared as shahid al-quwa agency one abhorrent in ability i.e., a getting august and majestic, who stood beeline in the accomplished allotment of the horizon, again drew abreast and approached till he was at the ambit of two bows or nearer, and transmitted the All-powerful message. The additional access aswell gives a agnate picture.

The majestic and abstruse getting who fabricated himself arresting to the Prophet and transmitted to him the All-powerful words was at aboriginal artlessly alleged by the allegorical name of Ruh al-Qudus (the angelic spirit) in the Meccan period. “Say: the Angelic Spirit has brought it down (nazzala, a exact anatomy agnate to tanzil) with accuracy from they Lord, to affirm those who accept and to be advice and acceptable advice to those who accept surrendered (muslimin)” (16:104).

It is aswell alleged Ruh al-Amin (the All-powerful soul): “And absolutely this is a adumbration (tanzil agency sending down) of the Lord of the universe, which the All-powerful body (ruh al-Amin) has brought down aloft thy heart, so that thou mayest be one of the warner in bright Arabic language” (26:192-195).

Later, in Medina, the All-powerful body comes to be articular as the angel Jibrail (Gabriel or Jibril). It accept to be accepted that the adumbration is a three-person exact relation, in which the antecedent point is God, the final point is the Prophet and the average appellation is the angel Jibrail. In this sense, just as the angel Jibrail was a agent (rasul) beatific by God to the Prophet, the Prophet himself again acted as a Rasul Allah (God’s Messenger), acting as an agent amid God and the world. Ibn Arabi (d. 638/1240) as does Rumi uses Jibrail-narratives that accent the Koranic affair that animal beings accept the abeyant for knowledge, and appropriately ontological cachet that the angels do not have.

By: Ibrahim Machiwala

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