Long-term Relationships

18 May

Long-term Relationships

Most people in our society ultimately marry or make a long-term commitment to another person. Sexual commitment inside marriage or an established relation- ship makes up the larger part of adult sexual experience. Many couples find new and different kinds of satisfaction in long-term sexual relations with the same person: coming to know and understand each

other better, learning to make each other happy through sex, and relaxing with and not having to impress the other person. For many men, not having to worry about sexual conquest any longer is a great relief; finally, love and sex can grow closer together.

In a long-term relationship, most couples find that they have sex less frequently than they did when their relationship was new. After childbirth, sleep loss and the demands of par- enthood often interfere with sexual intimacy. Anger, depression, drinking too much alcohol, certain medications, and fatigue also can take their toll on your sexual drive. You should not feel pressured by the need to conform to a sex-ual norm you have heard about regarding the frequency with which you have intercourse. However, if you or your partner want to revital- ize your relationship, you can do something to put some of that old spark back into your sexual relationship. Go out on a date, just the way you did when you first met. Or set aside some time each week to be together alone. But remember that the number of times per week you and your partner have sex is not as important as the quality of your lovemaking. If you feel that you or your partner may have a more serious sexual problem, talk to your doctor, who can refer you to a sexual therapist.

Maintain the Romance

Keeping a relationship strong requires the effort of both partners. Make your relationship a priority.Have fun together.Enjoy at least part of your leisure time together and create time to be alone with each other.

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