Presenting a Business Proposal Using Windows Meeting Space

5 Aug

The development team from Tailspin Toys is in Canberra this week to present a product proposal
to the management of Wingtip Toys. Each member of the development team has an
802.11g-capable Tablet PC running Windows Vista Ultimate. The product design is stored as
a file for a CAD application on the team leader’s computer. No other team members have this
CAD application installed.
1. When the development team arrives at their hotel in Canberra, they find that it does
not have any wireless access points. They want to collaborate with each other using
Windows Meeting Space. What options do they have?
Chapter 9 Review 479
2. During a brainstorming session, two members of the team think of some modifications
that can be made to the product design. The team leader does not want the two team
members to access his laptop directly because he has sensitive Human Resources information
on his desktop. How can he grant the members access to the design when he is
the only one with the CAD program installed?
3. The team’s documentation developer finishes the product documentation half an hour
before the Windows Meeting Space presentation to the Wingtip Toys management team
begins. How can she best distribute this documentation to all participants?
Suggested Practices
To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the
following tasks.
Configure Windows Mail
■ Practice 1: Set Up Windows Mail to Handle Mail from a Friend Create a mail rule that
copies all e-mail from a friend of yours into a folder that has your friend’s name.
Add your friend to the Safe Senders list.
■ Practice 2: Add Your ISP’s News Server Add your ISP’s news server to Windows Mail.
Subscribe to a newsgroup that interests you.
Configure Windows Meeting Space
These practices require two computers running Windows Vista.
■ Practice 1: People Near Me Configure People Near Me to sign in automatically when
Windows Vista starts.
■ Practice 2: Host a Meeting Host a Windows Meeting Space meeting. Invite the person
logged on to People Near Me on that computer to the meeting. Share the Windows Calculator
Configure Windows Calendar
■ Practice 1: Create and Publish a Calendar With one Windows Vista user, create a public
calendar, and then publish it to a shared folder on that computer.
■ Practice 2: Subscribe to a Calendar Log on to the same computer as used in Practice 1,
and subscribe to the calendar that you just published.
480 Chapter 9 Review
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MORE INFO Practice tests
For details about all the practice test options available, see the “How to Use the Practice Tests” section
in this book’s Introduction.

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